Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Energy Efficient Home Remodeling Projects with the Best Return on Investment

Much of home remodeling discussion has been revolving around going green, incorporating energy efficient home improvement services and products including air conditioners, water heaters, furnace, roof, windows and insulation.

The question facing some homeowners is, which one to pursue?

Regardless, going green in home remodeling project is a surefire way to not only increase your home value, but to make indoor living healthier and save substantially on energy bills.

Here is some of the potential return on investment estimates on some of the suggested energy efficient upgrades:

  • Replacement Windows – provides an ROI upwards of 80%
  • Replacing your roof with energy efficient shingles – provides an ROI upwards of 65%
  • Natural Gas Furnaces – provides an ROI upwards of 90% (This is based on resale value added to the home and in the amount saved in utility bills over 5-10 years)
  • Attic Insulation (R-0 to r-38) provides an ROI upwards of 69%

While looking at these ROI numbers, don’t forget there is a tax credit for some of these energy efficient upgrades. Be sure to read through Hire It Done previous blogs on this topic.

No matter which energy efficient home remodeling project you decide to tackle, be sure to contact Hire it Done and allow our pre-screened contractors compete for your remodeling bids. Go to: www.hireitdone.com

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