Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Size Does Matter! (for your roof)

The roofing advertisements seem too good to be true. 50% off! $0 down! Only $99 per square for a limited time only! What can you believe?
If you're not a roofing contractor and you don't play one on TV, it's hard to know what to make of roof ads and pricing in general. What should you be paying and what's actually a good deal?
Let's start with some common sense. Any roofing company who charges half of the real cost probably won't stay in business for very long. If the price per square (which equals 100 square feet of shingles) was truly so much less than everyone else's, either a company is doing the work strictly for fun, or—more likely—they're making hay with some fuzzy math.
If you want to make the wisest decision in terms of cost and quality, it's a good idea to look at the same things contractors do when they calculate a quote. The typical breakdown involves figuring out how many squares are required and the quality of the shingles, the difficulty of the job and how much waste is anticipated, and of course the condition of the roof in question.
But first and foremost, until you know the size of your roof, you can't know for sure that the quote you're getting is on the level. Now, does that mean you need to prop a ladder against a gutter, climb up with a tape measure and figure this out? Of course not.
One of the benefits of having multiple roofers examine your home is so you can compare their measurements of your roof. Although experienced roof contractors can guesstimate how big a roof is just by looking at it, the best ones will get as precise as possible—it's in their best interest to know how much material they'll need. Good roofers understand profit margin. They know the best quote for you will also be the best for them, and that accuracy ensures they stay in business for years to come.
Another way to feel secure is through aerial analytics, a unique and very precise method Hire it Done uses to size up your roof and calculate all the measurements you'll need. When you submit a roof project request, we instantly generate a report and send it to our pre-screened contractors. They will all make appointments to meet with you and go over why they feel they offer the best product, installation and support. Since all Hire It Done roofing contractors show up with the same measurement report, you can concentrate solely on which will give you the best roof you can afford.
If there's still any confusion, contact me at Hire it Done and I'll walk you through to decipher any quote.
Committing to buying a new roof can be pretty intimidating. Before you make any decision, make sure you're working with measurements and a contractor you can trust