Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HIRE IT DONE and Adam Helfman for 2009

Adam Helfman’s message to his friends and family for 2009

First off I want you to know that I am not an originator. I like to absorb, recycle and recreate and utilize things that I come across over the past year, and in doing so I want to thank all my friends, cohorts, and especially my enemies for inspiring me to write my thoughts and reflections of this past year and what the future WILL BE for 2009 :
After 3 days of sitting alone in my home without power, without internet ,without heat and no food (oh that doesn’t count! I eat out all the time ;) ), a little bit of clarity has come to my mind that has overcome me and inspired me to write this. When there is no power your home takes on a new persona and I hear little sounds that I have not heard before. The slow drip of melting snow, the sound of a whistling and howling wind hitting the side of my house. A cold bone chilling frost has moved across my cheeks and my first reaction is to try and blow smoke out of my mouth like my son does when his sweet little breath hits the cold weather on a snowy day. As I glance out my window I see the neighbor kids braving the snow and sledding, playing, laughing and having a wonderful time enjoying the taste of fresh snow. Almost makes me want to have a snow cone! Mmmm. Every snowflake is cause for great celebration and makes me think of G-D. A dear friend and business partner Diana wrote to me last year that G-D is truly great, that he gives us all these great gifts from the time we are born- laughter, beauty, love, peace, curiosity,joy intelligence- -we have all these great gifts since the moment of birth and yet we spend most of our lives forgetting how blessed we really are. In the grand scheme of things it seems so unimportant. We spend a lot of our time worrying about insignificant things like : where to have lunch? Or what to make for Dinner? Why are those decisions so tough? TRUST ME , I’m trying to be funny, the real decisions this year was if to pay your mortgage or your credit cards or your heat bill or your electricity bill. These are decisions we are all experiencing. In 2008 I had to re-invent myself and worked harder than I ever have. My focus and drive are what have kept me going. In 2008 I experienced many life changing events (not worth mentioning here)and you need to know that my competitive edge did not spring from a background of Peace and Harmony. I survived the turmoil, the controversy and the struggles. Most people (if not all) don’t know the pain that I suffered this year or the pain I have caused others. But thankfully we are at the end of the year so we can put all this pain, drama, anxiety, headache and anger behind us. So in the times like we are experiencing today, here is my wishlist for 2009:

- To reconnect with friends of the past- Thank you FACEBOOK
- To make new friends and create new loving relationships (however that may be)
- To enjoy a portion of each day with out stress and no anxiety
- There are 15 laws of success that are worth knowing but 2 stick out to me:
- --- The Law of Attraction- (although not a fan of “the secret”) You are a living magnet. You attract people, events and circumstances that harmonize with your dominant thoughts. (it works)
- The Law of Belief- Whatever you believe…..deeply…. becomes your reality.
- To reaffirm my connection with G-D and pray for peace in the world (Especially the Middle East).
- To make Hire It Done the choice for Homeowners when needing a home improvement professional (one that actually shows up!)
- To expound on my passion for food (ADDICTION?)
- To introduce The Food Phantom.
- To successfully launch “FOOD FREAKS” the show to the world. (I could use some help)
- To let my entrepreneurial spirit flourish in 2009.
- To sharpen my competitive spirit- razor sharp
- To keep loving my family
- To remember the people that stood up for me
- To pay it forward to the best of my abilities
Lastly to have the WORLD CONSPIRE IN MY FAVOR!
Happy 2009 to all the good people in the world! And to the bad people, I wish clarity and a change of heart, it is never too late to live with honor and humility.
Oh yea, I would keep going but I have built up an appetite so I must stop now and go eat ;)!!
I love you all!!