Thursday, May 29, 2014

15 Signs that a Contractor is About to Rip You Off

Getting excited about your big home remodeling project!  Got an idea in your head? Got the financing ready to go? Now you' re about to pick a contractor to do the work.

I've put together 15 quick signs to watch out for before you jump in bed with a contractor that claims to want to turn your dream into a reality.  If you observe any of this behavior, raise a RED FLAG and BEWARE!
  1. They pressure you to sign a contract
  2. A special price is offered only if you sign today
  3. They don’t provide you a valid copy of the company’s insurance or license
  4. "References? You don't need to see my references. -- they're all family members anyway."
  5. You’re told your home will be used for advertising so you’re being offered a special discount rate
  6. You’re asked to pay up front for the whole job or an unreasonable portion
  7. You’re asked to pay in cash to a salesperson instead of a check to the company
  8. The company doesn't have a physical address
  9. They have no website or haven't updated it since Al Gore invented the internet.
  10. Poor communication skills
  11. Impatient or pushy sales representative
  12. Slow to return calls
  13. Disorganization
  14. They don’t present a portfolio of similar projects
  15. They tell you pulling permits are a waste of time.
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