Monday, October 02, 2006

Hire It Done!

Go to 1270SPORTS.COM and click on Adam Helfman!
The best new radio show on the AIR today! Stay tuned for the Podcast of HID!!!!!
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I listen to your show almost every weekend. After you had Kip from Visionary Landscapes on, I went to Safe Quote and entered in a landscape project that my family wanted to do. I received a response from Visionary shortly after entering the project on line. We set up an appointment for today 4/27/07 for 7pm. It is now 8:20pm and we have not heard from the contractor at all. No call to tell us if he/she is delayed , lost or not coming. We have called several times and left messages to find out what's up! I remember on the show that day, you were talking about contractors that fail to keep the waiting customer informed. I believe Kip said it would never happen with them! Well, I beg to differ!! Our time is as importsnt as theirs and all it takes is a phone call. Adam, I think that they owe the customer (me) an answer and you an apology for not living up to your stated standards of Safe Quote vendors. I would appreciate a response.

Thank you

B Matthews
Waterford, Mi